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  • Draumir is set to release their third album in 2024

  • This year, the Norwegian band has already released two singles: "Beautiful Creatures" (February 25) and "Will You Stay?" (April 5).

The Norwegian band Draumir will release their third album in 2024. After the releases of the band's Grammy-nominated debut album Draumir (Little Hill/Playground Music) and later The Island (Universal Music), Draumir went into hibernation in 2008. When the band now returns, it is in the form of a duo consisting of Alexandra Bråten (vocals) and Jo Frøytlog (vocals, instruments).


Draumir has been referred to as an island of its own on the Norwegian music scene, and the music is often described in poetic ways. Where the self-titled debut album was described as "a benevolent mix of deep blue Cohen-esque moods, dreamy pop with swirling strings and Eastern European folk music" (Ann Kristin Ødegård, Bergensavisen), VG's Stein Østbø described Draumir's second album as "stylized melancholy of a bewitching nature". In a review of their latest single, "Will You Stay?", Mode Steinkjer of Dagsavisen described Bråten's vocals as "a dark and soothing shadow" before concluding that "a Norwegian band we have missed sends us back to the deepest melancholic dreams of rock" (Mode Steinkjer, Dagsavisen).Such descriptions reveal how Draumir draws inspiration from a rich combination of musical genres and cultural expressions.


Press image_Draumir.jpg

Draumir. Alexandra Bråten and Jo Frøytlog. Photo by Cyril Hébert/Anki Strøm. Editing by Anki Strøm.

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